lost years of pages: a man called ove

I am an avid reader. Or, I was, like most, until about 5th grade. I read bits here and there but maybe never read more than 10 (overestimating probably) books per year after that last semester in elementary school.

So! The challenge for me now is to catch up on all of those books that I’ve missed out on. The lost years of pages. I am no writer, but I can become a reader. Now is the time!

The second book I got was A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman.


Oh my goodness this book had me a bawling mess.

I think we usually categorize old people as either super nice or super grumpy. Ove would be one of the latter. He has a hard time being nice to anyone and it’s insanely hilarious how bitter he is. That is, until you see his life.

The book transitions between chapters titled “A Man Called Ove and …” (about his current life) and “A Man Who Was Ove and …” (about his previous life). He’s had so many heartbreaks in his life that you can’t help but feel depressed vicariously, only to be uplifted by the angry charm that he has. That charm was beautifully brought out by a foreign pregnant neighbor, a homeless cat, and suicide attempts gone wrong.

I actually only picked this up after being inspired by a TED talk to read more books around the world. I found this Swedish book that had incredible reviews so I had it in my Amazon wishlist for months, until I was browsing my bookstore and found it!

I’ve only cried for a book once before in my life, and that was The Book Thief. But Ove had me crying for an hour in a cafe. I was a mess in a corner while my boyfriend next to me hugged my shoulders without knowing why tears were falling.

I highly recommend this book for literally anyone. Ove is so wonderfully lovable and his transformation from grouchy fool to empathetic friend is beautiful. I loved this book and it will stay in my heart forever. It’s a novel that teaches you to not to judge others in a heartwarming way. Please do yourself a favor and pick it up!


Title: A Man Called Ove
Author: Fredrik Backman
Page Count: 337 (in my paperback version)
Why: Because it’s hilarious and heart wrenching and amazing and you will just fall in love Ove. Guaranteed.



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